How do TypeTango keywords work?

There are two sets of keywords: positives and negatives. To view and edit these keywords, go to your profile.

If you love to dance and dislike sarcasm, you'd enter dancing in positives and sarcasm in negatives. When you search, all your keywords are compared to all other users' keywords, and users are shown in order of total match score.

How do keyword weights work?

Keyword weights control the relative importance of your keywords when searching. The higher the weight you assign to a keyword, the more it will increase or decrease your match score. If you assign the weight of 10 to dancing and only give 2 to sarcasm, dancing will be considered five times more important than sarcasm. The maximum keyword weight is 250.

How will a person know that I want to contact them?

TypeTango sends an email to the person you are attempting to contact.


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